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ATOIS premieres on July 11!

Hey everyone! Exciting news! A Tale of Internet Spaceships will have its official premiere on July 11, 2014. Here’s the press release we just sent out. We’re so happy and can’t wait to show you all the final result.

Thanks again to all our backers who made this possible. We love you.


Malmö, Sweden. Sorgenfri Productions are proud to announce that their indie documentary about online science fiction game EVE Online, A Tale of Internet Spaceships, will premiere on July 11, 2014.

The documentary, filmed during a fan convention in Reykjavik in April 2013, aims to give an in-depth look at what makes EVE Online special and why people devote so much of their lives to it. This candid exploration of a video game community investigates the sometimes complicated relationship between EVE’s dedicated player base and the game’s developers, CCP Games. It also documents one of the most tumultuous times in the game’s lifespan - the release of the Incarna expansion - which turned out to be one of the most important moments in the history of online roleplaying games.

A Tale of Internet Spaceships is a tale of dedicated fans, consumer power, conflict and redemption.

The entire project was crowd funded through Indiegogo by 82 funders, gathering the $3000 that made up its budget.

The premiere will be held at 8pm on July 11, 2014, at STPLN, Malmö, Sweden. At the same time, the one hour long film will be published for free to major video sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

If you have any questions, requests for interviews or want to attend the premiere, please contact the team at ataleofinternetspaceships@gmail.com or call Petter Mårtensson at +46 (0) 723 016061.

Stills from the film, and from the production, can be found on its official Flickr page, https://www.flickr.com/photos/ataleofinternetspaceships/. A teaser trailer can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_K1H3BHVQ9M

The original crowd funding campaign is available on Indiegogo - https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/a-tale-of-internet-spaceships/

/The ATOIS team


— 4 months ago

The first teaser trailer for ” A Tale Of Internet Spaceships” is now out!

— 11 months ago

A travelouge/behind the scenes/teaser/EVE Online Fanfest 2013 nostalgia video is up on YouTube. Spot people like Chribba, The Mittani, Seismic Stan, Massively’s Brendan Drain, BBC’s Adam Rosser and others! Also Petter, Philip and Elin of course.

— 1 year ago
An EVE Online documentary, shot at Fanfest 2013. →

Hey everyone!

We haven’t really updated you in a while and we’re really sorry about that. Since we came home from Fanfest, things have been a bit crazy, but we thought we’d finally let you know how things are coming along with A Tale of Internet Spaceships.

First of all, thanks to everyone at Fanfest that allowed us to shove cameras in your faces and ask you all of our (sometimes quite difficult and personal) questions. You guys really like to talk! We have interviews with various people from the community, CSM members and CCP employees and have a ton of material for the documentary. We believe that we have an in-depth look at Incarna, how the relationship between CCP and the community looks like and what EVE Online means to you all. It was a fantastic ride and you made us feel very welcome. Elin is very proud of having been called a spy.

Also, thanks again to all our backers. You made this all possible and we can’t express our gratitude enough. We hope that you all will be happy with the result.

Currently, we’re right in the middle of transcribing every interview we did. We’ve already spent many, many hours on it and have many more to go – the further in we get, the more we realize how much time it will actually take considering the amount of material we have. As we are students and amateurs, and have things to do outside the production, we sadly have to announce that the movie will be delayed. We want to make it as good as we possibly can and don’t want to rush anything – we wouldn’t be happy with the result and we’re convinced that you wouldn’t be satisfied with it either.

We originally said that we were aiming to release A Tale of Internet Spaceship this fall. The way things look right now, that won’t be a possibility. Instead we are aiming to have it in your hands early 2014 – absolutely before Fanfest next year. We’re very sorry for the delay, but we’re convinced it is for the best and that you will find that the final film will turn out much better for it.

In order to tease you a bit, we’ll be uploading pictures from the production to our Flickr-account. We’ll put up behind the scenes photos and general Fanfest-pictures, but most importantly we’ll be sharing production stills with you all. We’ll try to get you some actual moving pictures to you as well as soon as we possibly can. We’ll actually try to update you a lot more than we have so far as well, so you know how things are going as we move forward.

Thank you all for your support and your patience. The documentary is coming and soon we’ll be able to tell you all the wonderful tale of Internet Spaceships.

/The ATOIS team

— 1 year ago

Production diary #3 2013-04-27 

— 1 year ago

Production diary #2 2013-04-26 

— 1 year ago

Production diary #1 2013-04-25 

— 1 year ago
An announcement from the team
Hey everyone!

First of all, we want to once again thank everyone for your support! When the campaign wrapped up, we had managed to raise $3018 for the documentary. We’ve spent the week since planning, budgeting and discussing how to go forward.

Let’s make one thing clear – A Tale of Internet Spaceships will happen. We’ll be at Fanfest, cameras in hand and try to capture the EVE community in action. While we didn’t hit our $6000 goal, we still have enough to make the film.

We will have to make cut-backs, though. We won’t be able to rent two of the cameras we were looking at before (the Sony HXR-NX5), since they are simply too expensive and we’d break the bank. Instead we are looking at other options, such as the Sony NEX-VG20. Don’t worry, we won’t do a Searching for Sugar Man and film with our phones and an 8mm app (or win an Oscar, for that matter). We won’t settle for bad quality.

We know we’ll have to put in our own money for this, but that’s just the way it is. We’ll need more funds to cover post-processing, we’re still trying to bring a third person with us since it will make everything so much easier, and we still expect unforseen costs to pop up when we least expect it.

But one thing is certain – we will tell you all a Tale of Internet Spaceships.

Thank you, again. This wouldn’t be possible without you.

/The ATOIS team

— 1 year ago

Hey everyone!

First of all, you guys rock. Absolutely and totally rock. We hit the $2000 mark last night, which is incredibly exciting! Thanks again for all your contributions.

I’d just like to take the opportunity to point you all to two new interviews that have gone online.

The first one is with the rising star of EVE Online news sites, TheMittani.com.

The second one was done by the honourable Winterblink. It includes some information about what past EVE coverage parts of the team have, which might be of interest.

Sorry for the radio silence, we’ve been very busy and will keep you much more in the loop going forward.

Fly safe!

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Interview with High Drag

Hey everyone!

We’re hard at work prepping for the documentary and hope to give you some good updates in the near future. We thought we’d point out that Petter (that’s me) was interviewed by the guys at the High Drag podcast about A Tale of Internet Spaceships. The interview starts at the 50 minute mark, so give it a listen if you want to know more about the project!

— 1 year ago